The Groundskeeper

Timothy Sellers
Raised in the woods of upstate New York, Timothy Sellers grew up knowing more about trees than television. His father built their house and a sawmill, and his mother grew fruits and vegetables and made breads and jams. Timothy learned to split wood and tend tomatoes, so it was only natural that when he moved to Los Angeles he would turn his urban back yard into a thriving orchard. The centerpiece is a spreading avocado tree that may be around eighty years old, but he himself has added eight citrus varieties, three different fig trees, a Pakistani mulberry, cherry, apricot, two peach varieties, two pomegranates, three plums, an almond, an apple, and a persimmon.

Groundskeeper Timothy is responsible for the planting and maintenance of the herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers that provide many of the ingredients used in the School of Spirits house recipes. He is also the chief bottle-washer, and a recent convert to the glory that is a gin and tonic made with Fever Tree.